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August 9, 2012
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The two had awoken a while later, both staggering to their small room out of memory and collapsing on their beds tiredly. This had been the worst the man had ever beat them in a while. There had been worse times, though..

They both fell asleep again on instant, the dream realm a place of escape from the world.


A rough shaking awoke both buys and a hit sent them to their knees on the hardwood floor. Both heads were angled at the floor, bpth bodies shaking. Normally Alfred would object to Matthew being hit like this, but he knew that submission wa best after a hard beating. The man who had done this studied them.

"Stand!" he hollered, and Matthew stood quickly, flinching inwardly as pain shot through him at the sudden movement. Alfred, however, stayed grounded, his arm wrapped around his stomach and his face still looking at the ground.

"I said UP!" the man yelled, grabbing Alfred's shirt collar and tugging the boy to his feet. Matthew rushed over as Alfred nearly collapsed when the man let go of him and caught the older boy just in time, helping him up. Matthew felt himself being showered with glares at the movement, but he forced himself not to shrink away.

"It's 6:30, I have to go to work, and you two scumbags need to get ready for school, understood?" the Man said. Both children nodded, the rule in their heads. Never talk unless a question is asked. The man nodded. "I'll be home at 7:30 sharp tonight. I want dinner ready and on the table, cooked to perfection, Matthew," he hissed, venom on his words. Matthew was the cook, coming from a mostly French family. "Alfred, I want the bedroom cleaned, as well as the living room," he spat at the boy. Alfred nodded and the man turned, glaring at his 'sons' one last time before leaving the house. He turned on the engine and backed from the driveway, driving away.

Instantly, Matthew pretty much carried Alfred to the couch, which they usually were not allowed to sit on. He set his brother down and sat down beside him. Alfred whimpered in pain.

"I'll get our spare glasses, just stay here Alfred..," Matthew said softly, staring with worry at Alfred, Alfred usually didn't get beat like that. Standing feebly, Matthew walked away when Alfred didn't object. He felt his way along the wall until he found their room and walked in, searching under his bed until he found his and Alfred's spare glasses. Putting his own on, he sighed as the world became viewable once more. With that, he walked back to Alfred, placing the glasses on the exhausted boy before sitting down beside him once more.

"Matthew...," Alfred whispered hoarsely, "I don't want to go to school..," he whispered. Matthew sighed, oh how he didn't either.

"We have to.. He'll beat you again..," Matthew responded sadly, pulling his knees to his chest and resting his chin on the top of them with a troubled sigh. "I'm going to go make breakfast..," Matthew said after a moment, and then got up and quietly scurried off. Alfred just sat on the couch, staring into space.



Matthew sighed as he walked away, his thoughts wandering to his old family. Oh.., why had his mother died..? Why had their source of finance, and his Father's one true love died? His father, Francis had been unemployed, and that one night when she had died from that car accident, everything had fallen. Francis couldn't support Matthew anymore, he had to sell him for money. So, he did, to this man and his son, Alfred. Then the beatings had come, and it was just.. terrible.. In his thoughts, Matthew had gotten out pancakes on instant, a box of mixture, since they were not allowed the ingredients in the household. Matthew grimaced and began to make them, serving them soon after. Alfred refused to eat.

"Sorry Matty..," he whispered, "I can't.."

Matthew nodded and ate his, flinching the taste. Ugh.. how he hated mixtures instead of homemade.

The two got ready, Alfred with Matthew's help and grabbed their bags, limping out the door with Alfred leaning heavily on Matthew.



Arthur, the new kid at the school. He sighed, straightening his jacket a bit and looking over himself in the mirror. Everything was fine, all except those stupid eyebrows. The reason he was always teased at schools. He sighed, not even the lowest in popularity didn't laugh, and he was expecting the same of this school.

"Hurry it up, Arthur!" came the impatient shout of his brother, Ian.

Oh right his brother. His brother was never teased because of his eyebrows. Instead, he was swooned over all the time, all the bloody fucking time. Arthur growled in frustration before trudging down the stairs, scanning over Ian, his brother doing the same. Ian smiled and walked over, wrapping an arm around Arthur's shoulder, causing the 13 year old to shrink at the 15 year old's touch. This wasn't good, not when Ian did this. Ian, as if on Que squeezed his shoulder tightly, drawing a yelp, then went to mess up Arthur's hair, with Arthur now yelling at him. When Ian finally stopped, Arthur broke away, grabbed his bag, and stormed out the door.



Arthur fell back, his bag softening his fall slightly as he was knocked back as he was walked into. "Watch it!" he shouted, looking up to see two boys on the ground about two meters away. One was struggling up and the other sat there. The standing boy looked around 11 or 10, and had long blonde hair that flowed wavily down to his shoulders, an odd curl-like stand of hair dangling in his face. He wore glasses and his soft purple eyes held apology. "S-sorry..," he whispered quietly, giving Arthur his hand and helping him up. Arthur dusted himself of and looked over the boy, noticing a large bruise near his jaw and one on his cheek. The boy seemed to notice and looked away, obviously not wanting him to see it. "I'm Matthew..," he whispered, "That's my brother.., Alfred..," he introduced, backing away a bit to help Alfred up, letting the older boy lean on him with a soft groan. Arthur raised an eyebrow- well, eyebrows.

"Is he okay?" Arthur asked, staring at Alfred. This boy looked similar, with shorter blonde hair and glasses, and a cowlick.

"'M fine..," was the muffled reply he got from the boy, who was staring at the ground with his hood pulled over his head. He glanced at Matthew then away uncomfortably.

"I'm Arthur, the new kid," he said, and Matthew smiled.

"You transferred from England, right?" Matthew asked and Arthur smiled, nodding his head. "What grade are you in?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm in Grade 8, my brother's in high school, so thankfully he won't be coming here," he muttered, more to himself then anyone. Matthew shifted on his feet.

"You're in Alfred's class," Matthew said with a now fake smile. Arthur nodded. Matthew turned to Alfred, whispering something, Alfred nodded. Matthew turned back to Arthur. "I've got to go now, sorry, but my teacher can be strict, and I've been late so often lately, I just can't get in trouble, our Dad will kill me," he chuckled dryly, heading off with sour though. He literally would.

Arthur stared after him then turned to Alfred, who was smiling at him now, his hood off. He had similar wounds, but more severe looking bordering his jawline and around his eyes. His blue eyes held a twinkle though. "As Matty said, I'm Alfred, the hero!" the boy introduced, grinning widely. Arthur quickly noticed the two missing teeth in his mouth. He shook it off, he had no business with that. Instead he reached out his hand for a handshake, but was greeted with a high five. Arthur rolled his eyes and groaned, this was not going to be good. Alfred just grinned wider and laughed. "C'mon, I'll show you our first class," he said, limping off with Arthur easily matching his slowed pace. Inwardly, Arthur wondered how Alfred and Matthew had gotten so many bruises and cuts...



Matthew sped down the hall. Damn, if he was late again, his Dad would receive another phone call, if he did, Matthew was dead. He was almost there, just this corner and-


He was knocked back by a strong forced, groaning as he hit a solid wall, his bottom lip trembling. He looked up and spotted a boy with silvery-gray hair in the same position opposite of him, muttering things under his breath. Matthew caught one of the words as being 'awesome'. The boy looked up suddenly, his red eyes glaring into Matthew's, but they softened when they saw his pain. The boy got up with a flinch and walked over, reaching down and helping Matthew up.

"T-Thanks..," Matthew whispered. The boy nodded.

"No problem. Sorry 'bout that," he said, "I wasn't looking where I saw going," the albino apologized, scratching the back of his head. Matthew noticed he was still holding his hand tightly and blushed an adorable shade of pink. The boy noticed and smile. "I'm Gilbert, one of the two transfer student's from Germany," he introduced. "My brother and I both transferred. He's from the West, I'm from the East," he explained. "We didn't even think we'd see each other here, but I guess we did!" he laughed, Matthew smiled.

"I'm Matthew, just call me Matty, though," he said, Gilbert smiled.

"Just call me Gil then, too," he answered, "Which class are you in?" he asked. Matthew answered quietly and Gil broke into a grin. "Great! The awesome me and you are in the same class!" he cheered. Matthew then looked at the time, cursing.

"Damn I can't be late, I'm late!" he whispered panicked. Gil looked at him.

"I got you covered," he whispered, and began to drag Matty to their class. When they entered, the teacher began to yell, but Gil interrupted. He said he had banged into Matty by accident and they had been busy with that. The teacher sighed and accepted it. Both hurried to the last empty seats, right beside each other.

Matty liked Gil, he was cool, nice, funny, awesome.

What wasn't there to like?
Prologue: [link]

Chapter one, hope you like it! <33
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